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Joseph G.

“Denise has been a very important asset to have while starting my career in real estate. She saw untapped talent in me and help me recognize it myself. From the beginning she has always encourage me to do better and motivated to do more. I started my career in a highly competitive luxury market and was able to build my business with the support she has given. Denise has the knowledge and experience that will help guide you as a new or even a seasoned agent.”

Emmanuel V.

“Denise's professional deportment is above par and I have been more than pleased to work with her and her team of experts to lease my properties. She springs into action whenever needed and knows her craft. I highly recommend her to anyone with assets who is looking for an agent to lease up property and find the best tenants who are respectful and leave the property in excellent condition. I can see why Denise would be a good teacher and highly recommend her to anyone.”

Kalpesh K.

“Denise has worked with me closely over the past 8 years to build and manage my luxury real estate portfolio in San Francisco. She has closed several purchase/sale and rental transactions for me over this time and has always come through. She is smart and efficient and has intimate knowledge of the San Francisco real estate. She is also super connected and joy to work with!”

Chris S.

“Denise coached me when I first got licensed, and it was her enthusiasm and knowledge that made me realize that she must be one of the best in this business. It was an extremely good experience working with her in the residential real estate arena. I would highly recommend her services as a "coach", your money will be well invested.”

Richard C.

“Denise and her team have managed my portfolio of assets for over 7 years. Her attention to detail, immediate response time, excellence in choosing wonderful tenants, is what makes her shine. I highly recommend her without hesitation to anyone interested in learning her program and buying her secrets to success. She will teach you how to have a steady stream of income.”

Dan H.

“Denise has successfully and carefully managed my residential real estate rental properties in San Francisco. Her creative and capable hand makes me believe that her teaching skills would be valuable to those looking to up their game.”

Gerardo C.

“Denise Paulson is a true master at her craft. Real estate to me is not easy yet I find it incredibly rewarding on a fundamental human level and success is much more achievable with Denise to mentor and guide you through the process. Denise has such a nuanced understanding of ethical business practices and genuine human interaction that it is unmistakable her success was achieved by holding and serving her clients in the highest esteem. Her ability to jump in at whatever point you are at to provide clarity is absolutely impressive and one of a kind. From Day 1 and in the span of one hour I felt like I had caught up on expert real estate business practices that takes 25 years to fully mature...and I have only just begun. To be honest I feel blessed to have met Denise and am so grateful for her generosity in sharing all that has made her such a resounding success in San Francisco's tough real estate market. The best part is that Denise teaches you how to start off right away with plans that can be put into action in very short time so you can execute on a game plan very quickly and get traction right away. I have never seen or heard of a program with such proven methods with a game plan that has been tried and tested for over 20 years put right into your hands uncut and unedited. It is so good you feel like you don't want anyone else to know about it! Denise delivers all and makes herself so available outside of the classroom during mentoring session you feel like she is personally attending to your process. Hint: it's because she is and she is fully vested in seeing you succeed! I am simultaneously shocked and elated at the level of service and instruction because it is so practical and effective it's scary. The value just keeps coming and coming your way you think well she's given everything what else could there be? Trust me there's more and she focuses on expert execution of the game plan so you sound polished and capable while you build yourself up. Incredible and she doesn't hold anything back she will share it all and be with you every step of the way. From the depths of my soul thank you Denise.”

Alice A.

“If you want to be coached by a successful, motivating and knowledgeable real estate agent in San Francisco, Denise is the one. She helped me galvanize my business at the start my real estate career. While I have not worked with her as a coach, she was one to know the answers, consistently share knowledge and naturally coach those around her. Her extensive real estate background in both leasing and selling and her positive, motivational style, made for exceptional learning. She talked through strategies and ideas to build clientele and business. If I had a question or problem in my day-to-day business, she would be there to either answer the question or to guide me through a successful thought process. And since today, she continues to be one of the most successful and active SOMA real estate agents in the San Francisco market, her knowledge share is relevant. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from Denise should run not walk. You will find she is focused, light and sometimes humorous which makes for a balanced approach in business as well as life.”

Anonymous Review

Denise is a real estate dynamite. She has a wealth of knowledge and truly knows the ins and out of real estate. Looking to elevate your real estate knowledge Denise knows it all! She responds to your messages in record time and can always count on her! She has your best interest at heart. It was such a joy getting to know her and learning the tricks of the trade. I am looking forward to collaborating again in the future. Highly recommend Denise for all of your coaching needs!

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